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The fast expanding of mobile development

makes Internet identity authentication an indispensable part. Traditional authentication technologies, such as PKI, digital certificates, smart cards, USB shields, fingerprint authentication, etc., are more or less limited for Internet products. For example, technically, many professional IT personnel are required to participate in research and development, and the development cycle In terms of capital investment, U-Shield and smart cards are all entities, and the cost of generating a few to a dozen yuan; in terms of experience, the inconvenience of carrying becomes the biggest problem. enable you to receive SMS online

In contrast, receive SMS online is widely used because of its quick and convenient features, no need for reception, low investment, and high security. The verification code is sent through the letter letter SMS platform. After receiving the verification message, the user enters the correct verification code on the website or APP page to indicate the true identity. A short number of letters ensures the operator Authenticity.

There will always be advantages and disadvantages in the birth of a thing. Many people will have this experience when surfing the Internet. When registering, click “Get Verification Code” on the website. As a result, the countdown of a few minutes is over, and the phone is still If you do not receive the verification code SMS, you can only click “Get Verification Code” again. At this time, even if you receive the verification code SMS, the user cannot distinguish which trigger was triggered, which may lead to the error message of the verification code SMS. When encountering impatient users, they will choose to leave when they do not receive the verification code SMS for the first time. Comparing the product experience determines the quality of the product, and most of this happens to the SMS channel provider. . Regardless of the size of an enterprise, finding a short-term stable SMS provider can sometimes become a problem. After all, access development, recharge, etc. all require costs, and frequent replacements will have a certain impact on operations. The verification code SMS needs to pass through thousands of miles to reach the user’s mobile phone. If you want to be timely and fast, you must meet many conditions: the SMS service provider must have many years of experience in the industry, and even the best SMS platform has a misstep Sometimes, it is king to have quick processing experience; the SMS channel will not be blocked by the region or security software; the server of the SMS channel provider adopts high defense measures, it is not easy to be attacked, etc., and the maximum user can endure is only short In ten seconds, it is obvious that ordinary SMS sending channels are difficult to meet these “harsh” conditions.

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​The SMS platform uses a direct connection with the three major operators’ channels. In response to a series of problems with the use of verification codes, the 10690554 independent code number “SMS exemption channel” is opened. The SMS exemption channel is the exclusive 10690 channel for verification code SMS. The SMS arrival rate is ≥99.99%, and the verification code arrives in as fast as 3 seconds, allowing users to save time and effort. The SMS-free inspection channel and cloud library technology perfectly solve the many problems encountered by enterprise users when using verification code SMS.



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