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About enable you to receive SMS online

YES. Our Free SMS Service supports multiple languages. However, if your text message is in Arabic, French, Greek, Chinese and many other languages that's considered a unicode SMS, your message is limited to 70 characters only.

How many characters limit can I receive on every text message?

A Short Message Service (SMS) is 160 characters in length and 70 characters when using unicode format. If your text message is more than 160 standard characters in length, that is equivalent to 2 SMS. Each SMS is charge to us by our providers separately, that is why we only allow (1) one SMS at a time or 160 standard format or 70 unicode format per text.

Why I am not receiving text message?

If you did not receive text message, them it means an internal issue from our server or due to heavy load so wait for few minutes, it will work in a short while or you can pick another number from our site. is validating phone numbers before processing or sending the message to prevent wastage of it. Sometimes the error message cause when you try to request text messages that breached our Privacy Policy or Terms and Conditions.

There are many reasons why SMS messages did not arrived but the most are

  • Invalid Phone Number.
  • Phone Number is currently busying or overloaded.
  • Text Message contains prohibited words.
  • Text Message contains promotional or marketing texts.
  • The Phone Number has been switch off or is out of coverage area.
  • Carrier-to-Carrier error or network congestions.
  • Either the carrier in the country is blocking our numbers or there's no carrier-to-carrier SMS agreement in place.
  • A technical error/issue has occurred in the system.

In an effort to reduce the abuse of the system by spammers, we request you read or carefully review some text in your text message before clicking the send button.

Can I receive offensive or explicit language in my text message?

No. WE DO NOT ALLOW any offensive, explicit, spam, scam, abusive or unlawful text messages on our site. As general rule, offensive or explicit language in your messages will not be tolerated. Harassment, cyber bullying, or sending inappropriate messages or even if it is a JOKE are all serious violations of our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions and if we find to be doing any of these, we will forbid it from our service.

Is there options to STOP Receiving SMS?

No. If you are requesting a message through the number on our website , it goes public and everyone on this site could see it, please do not send or request important information to the number and you should take the responsibility for it.

Can SENDER be tracked?

No. Unlike other SMS receiving portal, privacy is the main objective in our service, will not show sender's information.



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